Upcoming Shows


Given the current situation due to COVID-19, inform that the tickets purchased for an event postponed to a later date that they currently have, are valid for the next scheduled date for their concert. If you want to return it, you must proceed as follows:

We need to send us the full name of the person who bought the tickets and their image via email to us before May 25.

All the tickets for which we are asked to return, will be returned immediately after we leave the state of alarm and we can normalize our operations. If they have been purchased online, it will be returned to the same bank account where it was originally charged, but if they were purchased at the box office or point of sale, they must go to them for their return.

In the event that your event has been canceled, we will proceed to return all the tickets once we can access our systems normally. If you have not purchased it online, you must go once the alarm status has been raised to the point of sale where you purchased it. We will inform you of the deadline for the return once the alarm status has been lifted.